Delicious gifts from Lyon

Are you visiting Lyon? Then, you should plan the gift list for your family and friends! There is nothing better than getting something truly delicious for them and we would like to help you with your choice of products!

Local wine

Needless to say, France is one of the leading manufacturers of wine and its wine is highly appreciated around the world. Lyon is one of the locations that actually takes active part in wine manufacturing and visiting this city is a chance to get something worthy.

In Lyon, you can find the local wine manufactured in the wine areas of Valee du Rhone and Beaujolais. Of course, you can also explore other wine assortment as well. There is no need to worry about the places where you can get your wine as it is ubiquities starting from the local shops to massive supermarkets.


Undeniably, another crucial product you can get from Lyon is local cheese, however, you should be extremely careful about choosing the type of the product to take with you for a trip. unfortunately, the majority of cheeses can get spoilt during your travelling while others tend to be rather smelly. One of the worst options to get for this purpose is fromage. Still, if you really want to bring some cheese with you, you should consider getting St Felician or St Marcelin.


While delicious cold meats are another favourite food of Lyon and France in general, you might also have certain difficulties with its transportation. Again, there are two reason for it. Some meats can get spoilt rather easily while others can turn your luggage into a giant smelly bomb. Definitely, you do not want to get into any of these scenarios.

Then, choose your sausage carefully. You might be willing to visit one of the local stores and get some professional recommendation for the choice of the best product to withstand your travelling. Some of the places to visit are Charcuterie Bonnard and Les Halles De Lyon and Sibilia.

Nikasi Beer

While French wine does not require any introduction, French beer is certainly not thus popular. This is a real shame, since this wine-making country has certain products which can compete with the beverages manufactured by the giants of beer production.

One of the most prominent breweries of France is actually located in Lyon and in fact, it is the oldest Lyon’s brewery. This is Nikasi Beer and it is very much loved by French people. This beer is of very high quality and it also has a unique taste. That is why, if you are a fan of beer, you should not miss an opportunity of tasting the product that even received the gold metal during the Beer Challenge of Brussels in 2013.

Of course, Nikasi Beer will also be a perfect present for anyone of your family of friends who loves beer.