The best gifts from Lyon

If you are looking for some great ideas to bring something from Lyon home for yourself or your family and friends, this article will give some useful recommendations for shopping so that you will not have to bring anything bulky or spend too much on your purchases.

Little Prince souvenirs

While it is obvious you can get some typical merch dedicated to France while you are in Lyon, it will be a way better to get some souvenirs related to one of the most significant pieces of classic literature such as Little Prince by Antonine de Saint Exupery.

Lyon is the home city of Antonine de Saint Exupery who also lived here, so there is a very strong connection between the author of Little Prince and this magnificent place.

The book would definitely be a valuable present for anyone who loves literature and can read in French. Yet, although you can get one of the editions of this amazing book in the first place, the choice of the goods you can explore is a way larger and it includes many beautiful items which will be perfect for a gift to anyone who loves literature. You can get literally anything referring to the beloved story about true friendship including pens, mugs or sets of coasters.

Wooden Guignol Puppet

In case you are looking for something truly unique and reminding of your trip to Lyon, you can look for a real Guignol Puppet.

As the name suggests, this is a puppet and it is the most famous French puppet with an interesting history. It was created by Laurent Mourguet in 1808 who despite his silk manufacturing job switched to the career of dentists. He invented these puppets as a mean to distract his patience from the pain. Due to his invention, with time, Le Caveau des Célestins Theater was created in Lyon. Today you can by such puppets in the Vieux Lyon Puppet Boutique.

Lyon silk

Another interesting fact about France is that it has quite a long history of silk manufacturing and Lyon has a special connection with silk weavers.

The production of this beautiful and luxurious materials was established by Lois XI. This was in the 1460s and since then, Lyon has been known as a crucial manufacturer of silk in Europe.

You certainly should visit the silk weavers district of this city which is situated in the Croix Rousse. the best place to find out about the history of silk is the Maison des Canuts while you can find multiple places to get silk of the highest quality. Lyon silk will definitely be a very valuable present.

OnlyLyon souvenirs

The OnlyLyon boutique is the place where you can get some more cheesy souvenirs utilising Lyon symbols, however, these are a way more stylish than the typical products you can find everywhere. You can find quite a nice selection of goods which really look great even though they are pretty obvious.