Other fantastic places in France to visit with your children

We have already provided you with some ideas for organising your time with your kids during a trip to France. Indeed, this country has a lot of entertainment to provide your entire family with. If you are looking for even more attractive places, there are some more amazing ideas for spending time with your kids in France.

Musée du Jouet et Petit Trains

Certainly, one of the most typical attractions for children that can be found in different countries is a museum of toys. Needless to say, such places are loved by kids very much, however, a lot depends on the quality of the collections stored in such museums.

If you look at the exhibits in toy museums, you will hardly find a better place than Musée du Jouet et Petit Trains. While this place has an immense collection of train models which are displayed in the best possible way creating small toy worlds, this museum is not only about trains.

One of its major advantages over similar places is its gigantic collection of the world’s most beloved toys such as Lego, Playmobil and Barbie. Actually, for the first two toy brands, the museum claims to have all of the editions of their products which is certainly worth your time even if you are an adult toy collector. Do not miss a fantastic opportunity to explore the wonderful world of toys!

Souterroscope des Ardoisières in Caumont l’Évente

Souterroscope des Ardoisières is a place out of this world which everyone should visit regardless of one’s age! It is a natural site covering caves in Caumont l’Évente creating an entire underground world that is so mysterious and beautiful. In order to intensify the experience of exploring the place, its designers have added beautiful illumination that kids love so much. All together, the place has a vibe of a fantasy world where you will completely forget about the reality.

There are other attractions available on this site including a golf course.

Manacha Kart in Gerbépal

Manacha Kart is a racetrack that will allow your kids to participate in racing. Needless to say, children love such an experience so much. Of course, you yourself will be able to participate in racing as well. Actually, here, children as young as three year old can enjoy driving a car.