Amazing places to explore nature with your children in France

If you are coming to France with your children, you will certainly be willing to take your kids to some places of interest and fortunately, France has a lot to offer to families with children. A vast choice of attractions will allow your family not only to have a great time but also to learn more about the animal world or just enjoy impressive natural sites.

This article will show you truly fantastic places to have a great weekend.

Nausciaá in Bologne-sur-Mer

One of the most enjoyable experiences one can have is certainly visiting a giant aquarium and having a unique feeling of being surrounded by water with its amazing inhabitants.

Nausciaá in Bologne-sur-Mer is exactly such a place and it si regraded to be one of the best aquariums of France. This fantastic place have a wide range of underwater animals including over 58 thousand species! The structure of the aquarium is so sophisticated that it provides enough space even for such impressive dwellers as sharks. Of course, there are many other smaller animals as well including jellyfish, lunar fish and many others.

Various layers of underwater environments are perfectly depicted in this acquarium which will give you and your kids hours of joy. By the wya, tehre is even a touch basin where you can even stroke some of the fish for instance cods and halibuts.

Touroparc in Romanèche-Thorins

If you are looking for more places in France where you can spend some great time with your kids and explore nature, you should add a visit to Touroparc in Romanèche-Thorins on your list.

Touroparc in Romanèche-Thorins is a large entertaining complex that incorporates both a zoo and an amusement park, so that you will be able to have some really amazing time here. While the zoo itself is massive with over a hundred of species of animals living on its premises, there is also a curious museum holding a large collection of crafts. Of course, you should not forget about your swimming suits since there is also a water park here.

Train Touristique in Abreschviller

Even though not all of the kids are capable of focusing on picturesque natural landscapes, a trip by Train Touristique in Abreschviller going through beautiful Vosges will certainly be enjoyed by both adults and kids.

Going on a trip by this train is a completely different experience and your kids will certainly love it let alone you yourself. On your way, there will be various stops in particularly attractive places for instance at a sawmill powered by water. The railway is surrounded by impressive mountains covered by woods and serene valleys.