Lyon’s chocolates

If you think about the nation with the strongest traditions in the chocolate-making, you probably will recall Belgium in the first place. Indeed, it is hard to find any other country manufacturing thus much chocolate. Yet, if you are visiting France, you might be surprised to find this country also has chocolate-making traditions and Lyon is an especially prominent city when it comes to chocolate manufacturing.

Lyon as the city of chocolate-makers

The reputation of Lyon as of the city specialising in chocolate-making is already of almost 100 years. The names of the most talented craftsmen working with chocolate are Pralus ou Voisin, Bouillet, Bernachon, Bel, Richart and Saladino. While their products are not only particularly tasty, they are also very creative.

The boutique Bernachon

The boutique Bernachon is one of the places any chocolate gourmet absolutely must visit while staying in Lyon or may be even somewhere else in France. That is so since this manufacturer working directly with cocoa beans for making chocolate desserts which is a rather rare practice making their products even more valuable.

Some of the prominent desserts offered here are Le President that was created first in 1975. Another one you should taste is a palets d’or or chocolates shaped as coins.

Visit Bernachon at 42 cours Franklin-Roosevelt, Lyon 6e.

Sébastien Bouillet’s chocolates

The chocolates created by Sébastien Bouillet are truly imaginative when it comes to both their taste and shape. This chocolate manufacturer based in Lyon is known for absolutely outstanding combinations of tastes and shapes.

Fort instance, it has chocolate flavoured with Espelette spicy pepper in its assortment. Some of the other unusual products in its offer are chocolate sticks of dynamite, 45rpm singles and red lipstick. It also makes fizzy chocolate bars.

Voisin’s chocolates

The chocolates manufactured by Voisin are also worth your attention. This is a Lyon-based chocolate company staying on the market since 1897 and it is offering one of the most iconic Lyon’s desserts which is “coussin de Lyon”. This is a beautiful and delicious dessert looking like a small cushion. It is made dark green netting, Curacao-flavoured chocolate ganache a nd green marzipan. It is also offered in exceptionally beautiful packages which will be adored by anyone who gets such a gift from you.

Francois Pralus

The chocolate products created by Francois Pralus are also widely known for their exceptional quality. there is nothing strange about it since this chocolate company owns cocoa bean plantations in Madagaskar and can really take care of the quality of its products.

One of the most well-known chocolate desserts created by Francois Pralus is a pyramid made of chocolate bars.

Visit Pralus at 32 rue de Brest, Lyon 2e.


You might also be inetrested in getting a more mass-market product which is still delicious. One of the best options are the Révillon’s papillotes which are yummy combinations of pralines and chocolates packadged in a piece of paper with a message. These chocolates have been popular in France since the 18th century and they can be seen as an alternative to Chineese cookies with their hidden messages. It is extremely common to purchase these chocolates for the New Year’s Eve in France.