Traditional sweet gifts from Lyon

We have already discussed some of the most popular delicious treats from Lyon. Yet, we still have not touched the topic of sweet treats. Fortunately, those are a way easier to transport, however, again, if they are carefully chosen.

In this article, we would like to show you some ideas for traditional sweet gifts from Lyon that will be perfect for transportation and also will allow you to bring home something truly unique rather than typical French desserts.

Local Lyon’s chocolates

If by any chance you have missed our article dedicated to the variety of local chocolate desserts available in Lyon, you certainly should not omit this part of our article, unless you really hate chocolate which is highly unlikely.

Assuming you are still not aware of the strong tradition of chocolate making in Lyon, it is time for you to get acquainted with the giant assortment of chocolate products created by local craftsmen of this city.

Indeed, Lyon has been developing its position in the world of chocolate manufacturing since the 18th century and it has a number of outstanding chocolate manufacturers. Of course, you can visit all of them, however, if you are looking for something specific, we recommend you the following options.

In case you are interested in buying something truly iconic of Lyon, you should get the delicous cushion-like marzipan and chocolate pralines with Curacao flavour offered by Voisin and known as coussin de Lyon.

If you are looking for classic chocolate of the premium quality, one of the best places to purchase it would be the Pralus boutique. This chocolate maker is manufacturing one’s chocolate products from one’s own cocoa beans as the company has its own coca bean planattions in Madagaskar. Another option you might be willing to check is the boutique Bernachon. this company is making chocolate directly from chocolate beans.

In case you are looking for something unusual, one of the greatest offers is presented at Sébastien Bouillet’s boutique who is making anything you can imagine of chocolate including lipsticks and dynamite sticks and uses exclusive flavour combinations, for example, spicy pepper with chocolate.

Pink pralines

Anyway, you might be afraid your chocolates will melt on your way home which might happen. If you want to avoid it but are still interested in getting something sweet. our suggestion is buying so-called pink pralines which are another iconic Lyon’s dessert.

Actually, pink pralines are not exactly the pralines as you know them as they are not made of any real praline mixture or chocolate. These are tiny almonds that first caramelised and then covered with a special pink sugar mixture. If you are wondering what taste it has, you can just rest assured they are very sweet.

These can be enjoyed separately, however, you might find many traditional Lyon’s recipes including this ingredients. for instance, it is quite common here to make Brioche Praline or Tarte aux Pralines with the addition of pink pralines.

Lyon-flavoured cookies

In case you are looking for some combination of sweetness and Lionise symbolism, you should purchase a box of Irresistible Lyon. These are exclusive and delicious cookies representing effigies of Lyon. The cookies are butter shortbread with pink praline and a layer of chocolate.