Amusement parks of France to visit with your children

If you are looking for sheer amusement, there is definitely no better place than an amusement park and France has a couple of them. some of them are known around the world while others are less famous even though they are offering a lot of opportunities to have a really fantastic time with your family. Here you will find the most notable ones you simply cannot miss which are certainly Disneyland Paris, Parc Astérix and Puy de Fou.

Of course, you should not miss a chance visiting these places even if you are not a child and do not have kids. These places will help you to forget about everything and enjoy yourself immensely.

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is undoubtedly one of the most crucial amusement parks of the world and it is visited by numerous tourists during an entire year. Even if the destination of your trip is not Paris, you still should go to the capital of France to get unforgettable memories of exploring all of the attractions of this fantastic place. This is one of the bets places to immerge yourself into the world of fantasy and magic even if you have been an adult for a long time.

Parc Astérix

While Disneyland in France is widely known around the world, this place is not less impressive. It is just have a different theme which is, as you can imagine is closely relate to Asterix and Obelix. Parc Astérix is filled with terrific rides including wild water rides, roller coasters as well as haunted houses the topic of which is dedicated to the exciting adventures of the duo created by René Goscinny and Alebert Uderzo. Needless, to say, this also a perfect place to take funny photos with the characters of your favourite comics and films.

Puy de Fou

Even though you will hardly find a child who does not enjoy rides in amusement parks, France still has a great alternative to such typical tourist attractions. This magic place is Puy de Fou which has a history theme.

This is an immense park guiding you through different eras with various attractions and exciting shows. No matter whether you are interested in ancient Rome and Greece or you are more willing to experience  time travelling to the Middle Ages, everything is possible in Puy de Fou. Note it is better to come here for an entire day to make sure you do not miss anything.

This is a curious place especially for the people interested in history and perfectly combines entertainment with education.

Diverti’Parc in Toulon-sur-Arrcoux

Diverti’Parc in Toulon-sur-Arrcoux is a very specific amusement park. While it has some of the quite typical attraction that can be found in many other amusement parks such as trampolines and bouncy castles, it also has a number of curious attractions that are large board games. For instance, here, you can take part in playing a giant game of chess.

By the way, this place is extremely picturesque covered with flower and corn mazes which are adding up to the great experience of exploring this spot.