Unique souvenirs from Paris to give as a present to your family and friends

It is difficult to imagine your family waiting for you to return from your trip to Paris and not expecting you to bring any nice gift to them. Of course, you can use one of the most popular options, for instance, getting a miniature version of the Eiffel Tower. Yet, it is not obvious what is the point in making such a purchase when there is a plenty of other amazing products you can get for your friends and family.

This article will show you the great possibilities to choose from so that you can be more creative with your presents.

One of the unique French soaps

While you are certainly aware of the fact, the art of perfume making has been flourishing in France and Paris for hundreds of years, it might be not so obvious for you that the capital of this fantastic European country is also well-known for its long history of soap-making.

Actually, this crucial products has bene produced in Paris since the Middle Ages. Certainly, you can imagine that some of the most crucial locations for the production of this good are also Marseille and Provence.

There are many places where you can purchase exclusive French soap produced according to ancient traditions or fancy ecologically-friendly products as well as the soap with sophisticated mixture of fragrances. Still, if you are more tight on a budget, you can also choose one of the budget-friendly bars of soap available in any supermarket. Just make sure it is indeed a French brand and look for the products with a smell typical for this part of the world. Some of the options to pick from are savon au lait which has a fragrance based on milk as well as orange blossom.

The souvenirs designed with the works of Picasso

In case you are looking for some souvenirs which will have a strong connection to France, but you still do not want to use a shortcut to the stores with all of that kitsch gifts with the symbols of this European country, you should pay attention to another option which is a way more sophisticated.

Consider getting one of the souvenirs using the design with the cubist works of Picasso. The best place to look for such gifts is the shop located at the Picasso Museum. The choice of amazing things here with an elegant design will blow your mind. Needless to say, such a gift will be particularly appreciated by the people interested in art.

Paris fashion

Many tourists actually ignore this option for shopping for gifts as they are concerned about the prices of the fashion products available in Paris. Indeed, Paris is regarded as one of the most essential world locations in the history of fashion and if you want to buy something absolutely unique created by one of the world-known designers, you will have to pay for it a rather large amount of money.

Still, you should be aware of the fact, there is a number of outlet stores in Paris where you can purchase affordable things with a highly fashionable design. Just use the time you are spending in Paris as an opportunity to explore the options available in its outlet stores.

By the way, one of the fashionable accessories you might be interested in while shopping in Paris are the iconic French hats whether they are of a beret style or of a floppy style. Many visitors of France are also crazy about the lingerie sold in Paris being particularly satisfied with both the design and the quality of such items.

Unique kitchen equipment

Paris is the place where you can purchase a variety of goods for kitchen which are not necessarily available in other countries. For instance, since France is so popular for its baguettes, there are special accessories used for cooking and serving this crusty type of bread. They will be especially useful for the people waiting for you to come back home from your trip and willing to taste this legendary French baked product. Actually, the baguettes made in Paris will last only for one day and afterwards they will not be enjoyable at all. That is why, it will be a great idea to make your own baguettes at home and use for it some of the specifically designed things such as knives or cutting boards.

Another nice type of kitchen souvenirs you might be interested in getting for your friends or family are the accessories offered by the Iconic Cafe de Flore.

French sponges

One of the most unique and weird souvenirs to get home from Paris is a French sponge. Actually, this is an amazing present especially for the people who are particularly concerned about the ecology. You will hardly find natural sponges in the majority of the countries of the world, while France has a nice choice of sponges made of vegetables which are not just safe for the nature, but they are also a way more pleasant in touch.

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