Popular French pastries to taste during your trip and take home as a gift

Pastry is one of the products which you can easily take home if you want to give it as a souvenir to your family and friends. France has a variety of amazing types of pastry which are not especially demanding, so you will not find it challenging to take them home. The only problem which might occur is unsurmountable urge to taste them.

Popular French cookies and biscuits

Here, you will find a variety of wonderful cookies and biscuits produced in France which you can easily take home and enjoy with your family and friends.

Breton galettes

Breton galettes are a popular type of cookies eaten in France. They are available in two forms, either thin or thick. Although you might find similar types of cookies in other countries as well, the French version is made specifically with Breton butter which is particularly delicious. Of course, taking the butter itself home is not likely to be possible, that is why you can enjoy its taste after returning home with these mouth-watering buttery cookies.

Breton galettes are consumed alone, with various spreads and are also widely used for cooking cheesecakes.

Madeleines de Commercy

Madeleines is another popular cookie which is as popular as macarons in France. Actually, there are several types of madeleines, however, short madeleines baked in the shape of shells are regarded to be the most delicious. You can find this version of cookies under the name of Madeleines de Commercy and you will be absolutely fascinated by their gentle taste coming from an addition of lemon.

It is necessary to purchase these cookies packed well, so that they are protected against drying out.

Biscuits de Reims

If you are wondering what is usually consumed while relishing a glass of champagne in France, then you should know this is one of traditional French types of biscuits known as biscuits de Reims.

This type of biscuits was invented by French bakers in Reims in the attempt of making cakes with the heat of a special oven used for baking bread. They used an interesting idea of colouring the seeds of vanilla added into their biscuits in a red colour so that they do not look black.

Even more delicious pastries to explore

Here, you will find more amazing ideas for delicious pastries to bring home as a present.

French Macarons

There are many French desserts worth purchasing, however, one of the most iconic sweet treats is probably macarons. As you might know, they were created first by the Laduree bakery which is located in Paris. You can go for your macaron shopping straight to this place which will impress you with a fantastic variety of tastes and colours of this small sandwich-like treats.

If you buy a nicely decorated box of macarons, the excitement of getting such a gift will be multiplied!

Filled waffles

Waffles are a popular dessert in many countries of western Europe and Belgium is regarded as an absolute leader of waffle production and consumption. Yet, it does not mean you should not give a try to this sweet treat manufactured in other countries, as they also have some differences and it is always worth exploring new tastes.

French has its own version of waffles which are filled with vanilla. These waffles are quite thin and they are also pretty soft. The top producer of this sweet treat is the Meert shop, however, many other manufacturers also produce such waffles.


Gingerbread is generally popular in western Europe and it is widely consumed in France as well, especially during the holiday season. This is a special type of honey cake with the addition of a mixture of spices the exact content of which usually varies depending on the manufacturer. Of course, the shapes of gingerbread are also of a great variety.

Kouign Amann

You can also try bringing home Kouign Amann and share it with all your family. This cake is a popular dessert invented in Douarenez. Traditional Kouign Amann is a large cake made of bread dough, sugar and butter. Still, you can find it in small versions as well.

If you decide to take one home, you should purchase the cake not long before your departure, otherwise it might not taste thus good. It is especially delicious when it is still warm.

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