More than macarons: the delicacies from Paris to bring home

Nowadays, macarons have become so popular in other countries that this delicious sweet treat is probably more distinguishable as a typical French dish than anything else. You can imagine your family and friends for bringing them one of the boxes of these beautiful delicacies, however, France is the country which has a way more to offer to its tourists. This article will give you particularly useful recommendations for gift shopping in case you are staying in Paris, however, many of these good can be found in other locations of the country as well.

French chocolate products

Even though French chocolate is not thus recognisable around the world, if there is a person crazy about chocolate on the list of the people waiting for your gifts, it will be sensible to give him or her one of  the local chocolate products.

Actually, the ways of making chocolate products are pretty different in various countries. For France, it is typical to make darker chocolate which is also roasted more intensely than the chocolate which can be found in Belgium.

In Paris, you can come across chain chocolate stores such as Maison du Chocolat which offer great products, however, you might be able to find their chocolates online or exported to other countries. For that reason, it might be a better choice to look for unique small manufacturers for example, Marais and Debauve.

Parisan tea

Again, France is not the country widely known for some specific culture of tea drinking, however, it does not mean this beverage is not popular here. You will find a number of local manufacturers of various kinds of tea mixtures and other products for enjoying your tea in Paris.

One of the places to visit if you are looking for the ultimate experience of shopping for Parisian tea is Mariage Freres. This shop was founded in 1854 and since that time, the place has been considered as one of the best locations for getting a sophisticated bled of tea.

French candies

While some nations are absolutely crazy about eating various types of candies, this culture is not thus well-developed in France. Still, you can come across a variety of unique products as well as some candies which might have been popular during your childhood. Visiting one of the local supermarkets and exploring shelves with sweet treats is certainly a good idea if you are looking for a nice and yummy gift.

Crepe mixes

One of the things you should certainly taste while visiting France is the traditional crepe cooked here which have absolute various tastes and forms and can be dessert as well as savoury.

Of course, bringing such products with you in order to give them as a gift to your relatives or friends is not a good idea, however, you can purchase one of mixes created specifically for making crepe. If you get one and give it as a souvenir, the receiver of such a good will be able to recreate the amazing experience of relishing this French delicacy at home.

One of the places to purchase such a mix is Briezh cafe.