The best offers from mobile operators to the visitors of France

France is a well-digitalised country with many places offering free wi-fi connection. Hotels, restaurants shopping malls as well as numerous hot spots are making it possible to the guests of this country to use the Internet for free. Still, it is rather difficult to predict when exactly you will need to reach out another person on your phone or just find some crucial information online. For that reason, it is better to have a reliable source of Internet which can be provided by a sim card offered by the mobile operators of France.

What should you know about using the internet in France?

In case you are coming from another country of the European Union, in all likelihood, you might make do without getting any addition al card offered by the French mobile operators. It is possible since there has been a special regulation for the usage of roaming on the premises of the European Union which allows people to communicate with other countries of the EU without any additional fees.

Still, it is crucial to pay your attention to the fact the amount of the Internet available with the package you normally purchase in your country will not be of the size when you arrive to another country. For instance, if you normally pay for 20 GB of traffic, your mobile operator might reduce the amount of the gigabytes for the use abroad only to 5 GB. In addition to it, there still might be some extra regulations coming from your particular operator, so you should be aware of them before using the Internet coming to France.

Additionally, you should remember this regulation is valid exclusively for the countries of the European Union, so, if you are coming to France from other parts of the world and even other non-EU European countries, you will not be able to use such an option.

TravelWifi prepaid SIM card

TravelWifi is a new operator with an attractive offer of 20 GB of ytansfer which can be used all around Europe as well as 1000 messages and 120 minutes for calls. The price of such a prepaid card is 39.95€ and the card is valid for 14 days.

Even though the card is currently not available in typical places such as shops and grocery stores and you can collect it only from the official store of TravelWifi located in Paris, you can order it to be delivered to the hotel where you are going to stay or even directly to your house if you live in Europe.

The offers of Orange

Orange is the largest mobile operator in France and it has several attractive offers for tourists to choose from.

The cheapest one is Mobicarte which costs 14,99€ and includes two hours of calls, unlimited tests and 100MB of data. The card is valid for 14 days. Note there are multiple options for getting more calls and traffic for extra money with Mobicarte. Actually, there are four packages such as Classique, Max, Internet Mobile and Monde. The minimum top-up adding extra possibilities for your card is available for only 5 euros and, what is more important, depending on the price of top-up, you will be able to prolong the validity of your card. For instance, the Classique option worth 100 euros will make your card valid for an entire year. In addition to it, it includes free calls and texts from 9 pm to midnight.

Another option available to the travellers is somewhat similar to the offer of TravelWifi as it also costs 39,99 euros and gives two hours for international calls as well as one thousand international texts. Yet, the amount of the Internet included into the offer is a way larger as it is equal to 30 GB. The card will be valid for fourteen days.

Again, there are top-ups adding extra hours of calls, more texts and Internet traffic. They are also extending the time of validity of your card.

Note that the offer for Orange cards is valid in all of the countries of the European Union which makes it perfect for people who are planning to visit more countries during their trip.

Unlike TravelWife, this card is available in many places including of course Orange shop as well as newspaper kiosks, supermarkets such as Carrefour and Auchan, Carte SIM 4G as well as through the Internet. Top-ups can be purchased online, right from your cell phone, tobacco shops and even some ATMs.