Beautiful gifts you can bring from France

The majority of people associate France with delicious food and exquisite taste in clothes and interior design. Certainly, there is a strong foundation for such believes and the country is actually filled with such amazing goods. If you are looking for something particularly beautiful to bring for your significant other, friend or relative from France but you can’t make up your mind, you should check this article for useful ideas.

A beret

If you are looking for a piece of clothes typical for the French fashion, you certainly should pay attention to French berets which are recognizable among all of the models of hats. The majority of foreigners associate this elegant accessory with the artists of Paris, however, it is extremely popular among anyone living in this country today. Thus, you can meet many people wearing a beret on the streets of Paris.

A variety of versions of this accessory is available to customers. You can find quite cheap models of berets in souvenir shops as well as sophisticated and pricey models at high fashion boutiques. Note that berets are worn equally by women and men, so you can bring such a hat to anyone.

A chic scarf

Another popular accessory so much loved by French people, primarily women is a chic scarf. Actually, French women are particularly good at wearing such scarfs, so you can see a lot of beautifully dressed ladies with this fashion item. Needless to say, it is simple to get inspired by such a fashion trend and you might be willing to buy one for yourself or for any friend or family member who loves fashion.

The prices for chic scarf in France are absolutely different. It is possible to find a pretty expensive one of a unique style and excellent material, for instance, among the ones offered by la Le Divorce or Hermes. You can even find the brands which have been making berets for more than two hundred years! At the same time, there is also a variety of cheaper scarfs, so you can always choose one friendly for your budget.

French jewellery

French jewellery is also something you should pay closed attention to if you would like to have something beautiful as a gift for another person or you are looking for an exclusive item for yourself. Actually, it is a great idea to check the vintage and antique shops of France as you can find here a variety of unique goods from the past.

Versailles souvenirs

In all likelihood, visiting Versailles is one of the major points on your to-do list. If you are really planning to visit this fantastic landmark, you should also earmark some time for the exploration of its souvenir shop.

This shop goes beyond any expectations! Unlike typical gift shops located at the spots of tourist attractions and landmarks which are focusing on selling various ordinary items such as fridge magnets, T-shirts or mugs, this shop has a lot of exclusive and valuable goods. For instance, here you will find a large collection of beautiful figurines as well as a variety of objects inspired by the real items belonged to the royal family. For instance, one of the most curious souvenir you can get here is a pair of shoes inspired by the style of Louis IV.

An antique book in French

Even though French is not officially one of the most frequently spoken language, there are enough of people preferring this language to others when choosing their second language to learn. Of course, the reason for it is the fact many people generally find French particularly appealing because of its pronunciation and the variety of beautiful phrases French people are using, especially the ones with some romantic meaning.

If by any chance one of your friends or relatives is learning French language, it might be a great idea to present him or her an original French book. You can shop for a modern one, however, the most valuable gift will be a vintage book of some of the French classic writers or poets. You will find abundance of such literature in the vintage book shops of France and sometimes, you might even come across something absolutely outstanding.

Products made of lavender

In case there is a person waiting for your gift from France who is loves the smell of lavender very much, your trip to France is a great chance to purchase a natural product made with this aromatic flower. The choice of such products is large including natural handmade soaps, customised perfumes made by a specialist exactly of the ingredients you prefer, beauty products and lavender sachets.